Our Story

We are passionate to utilize our talents to create robust solutions through precision design and engineering coupled with the craft of creative artistry

We are a startup and this is the beginning of our journey. Since the birth of web map, we have been intrigued with what technology could deliver. Google Maps have changed the way we navigate the world and delivers a level of user experience where we have never imagine to venture into before. Our past experiences with the 2011 Slave Lake wildfire, 2013 Alberta floods, and 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire have pushed us to come up with novel solutions in the management of crisis response and mapping needs in the insurance industry. We have now gather enough ingredients to materialized and execute on our vision. We want to empower and enable people by leveraging open data so that they don't feel distant with what's in front and available to them. Open data portals are everywhere and are spread across many government entities and cities. Citizens have access to it but they are so distant from it since they are so isolated and resides within silos. We have developed something that will help bridge the gap where we consolidate the open data onto a single platform.