InstantGrid Engine

At the heart of InstantGrid location intelligence platform lies the InstantGrid Engine which contains a proprietary algorithm that ingests and synthesizes open data sources from government entities onto a single map view. This map view powers the InstantGrid platform allowing client's data to be superimposed to get an aggregated location view.

12M+ Map Features

InstantGrid basemap contains data for the following cities and areas in Canada including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Chestermere, Okotoks, Banff, Canmore, Yellowknife, Regina, Toronto, Halifax, Beaver Hills, Fox Creek, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Prince Edward Island, and continuing to expand on other areas or cities where data is available.

InstantGrid ingests data from many sources and consolidate it into a single platform providing instant access to information and allows rediscovering of location intelligence.

Industries and Use Cases

InstantGrid is a product that's applicable to many industries

Government Open Data & Citizen Engagement

Insurance Industry Risk Assessment & Crisis Response

Visualize map layers

InstantGrid provides a consolidated single view map which includes many different map layers such as property addresses, property parcels, building outlines, land use and zoning information, emergency and fire services, fire hydrant locations, public trees, road networks, storm sewer networks, and many more.

Flood Maps

Alberta Flood Hazard Map

Contains detailed data including floodway, flood fringe, cross sections, overland flow, and areas under review.

Building Outlines


Polygons representing the shape of buildings. The data was collected with various methods including scanning & rectifying location certificates, digitizing from air photography.

Property Addresses


Detailed property address and property information with assessment values, year built and information on lot, block, and plan

Land Use

Calgary, Lethbridge, and expanding

Detailed land use and zoning information for Calgary and Lethbridge and continuing to expand on the dataset.

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